Discipleship: A Call to Raise Competent Disciples (2 Timothy 2:1-7)

May 10, 2024 By: Johnny Dos Santos Topic: Sermon Devotional Series: 2 Timothy Scripture: 2 Tim. 2:1-7

“And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful
men, who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2)
In this verse, we see how the apostolic tradition, meaning Jesus’ teachings, passed on from one
generation to another. In this verse, Paul tells Timothy to intentionally look out for men in the
church to whom he can teach what he heard and learned from Paul, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Paul is not concerned with the “apostolic succession.” The emphasis is on the Good News.
Being strong in Jesus’s grace, Timothy is to share in Paul’s sufferings and labors for the Gospel
and raise up competent men who can also teach others.
Paul ————–Timothy———— Faithful men ————-Others———– and others continually

In biblical terms, competent men refer to character, not skills, knowledge, financial status, or
level of education. Paul already instructed Timothy about the character traits that are expected
not only of leaders but every man in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, except the ability to teach.
In modern terminology, we would call this discipleship. But the question is, what is discipleship?
Robby Gallaty, a Baptist preacher, answers, “Intentionally equipping believers with the Word of
God through accountable relationships empowered by the Holy Spirit to replicate faithful
followers of Christ.”
The work of Timothy is to equip men in the church by teaching God’s word, and they are to
teach others likewise. This type of teaching imparts more than knowledge. It is about sharing
life together. Meaningful discipleship happens in the context of meaningful relationships.
Discipleship is not relegated only to men or church leaders, even though church leaders are
expected to make disciples.
Since a disciple is a learner who seeks to learn what Jesus said and apply His teachings to his or
her life, not only Timothy but every disciple of Jesus is a disciple-maker.
Disciples make disciples, who in turn make disciples. Discipleship is one of the greatest legacies
we can leave for the next generation.
May the Lord give grace to our leaders to be intentional in raising up leaders and to each of his
disciples to seek people with whom they can share/teach the good news and share life together.
Soli Deo Gloria