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God’s Works Reveal His Glory (Psalm 111)

Nov 19, 2021 By: Elias Adamo Topic: Sermon Devotional Scripture: Psalm 111

“Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them.” (Psalm 111:2)

As Christians, often our knowledge about God excels our experience of God.  Psalm 111 tells us the secret of turning our knowledge about God into knowledge of God; and it is this: studying, meditating, and reflecting on God’s works, as revealed in His Word, until our hearts are filled with praise and worship.  Taking time to reflect and meditate on God’s word in this busy information age can be a challenge indeed.  But it ought to be part of our Christian disciplines nonetheless.  We read in Psalm 1 of the blessed man who delights in the law of the Lord and meditates on it day and night.  This man is blessed by the Lord and is fruitful in all his labors. 

In the Psalm we will be studying, the psalmist has been meditating on the works of the Lord in creation, providence, and redemption, and his heart is full of praise.  He starts out with a “Hallu-yah” in Hebrew, translated into English as: “praise the Lord.”  He then tells us that he wants to thank/praise the Lord in the company of his people.  When the people of God are gathered and join their hearts and voices in praise to the Lord, we not only encourage one another, but we bring collective praise and glory to God.  We see this in the book of Revelation, where God’s praise is always given by the company of the redeemed, and not just by individuals. 

He then proceeds to tell us about the works of the Lord and how they reveal his glory. They are full of splendor and majesty (v.3); they show how God is gracious and merciful (v.4), faithful to His covenant promises (vv.5,9a), just, trustworthy, and upright (vv.7-8). 

What did this meditation produce in the heart and life of the Psalmist? He tells us in verses 9b-10.  He was filled with awe of God’s holy and awesome name.  There was reverential fear and a commitment to walk in His ways (v.10a-b); and a desire to praise Him forever (v.10c).

As we look around us today and see the widespread deception, ungodliness, and unfaithfulness, our hearts are weighed down with care and concern for the future. This psalm helps us to know where to turn to find comfort and encouragement in troubled times.  It is in meditating on the works of the Lord and on His character. This faithful God has loved us and given His Son to redeem us, and will one day bring us to glory.  Hallelujah! May the knowledge of our great and awesome God fill our hearts with praise and thanksgiving today and always.