A Birthright Sold for a Pot of Red Stuff

Jun 08, 2011 By: Jim Montesano Series: Genesis Scripture: Genesis 25:27-34
In this second study in our new section on the Toledoth of Isaac, things are moving very quick. Within a few verse of Esau and Jacob’s birth we find them grown men. The scene opens with a description of the boys, Esau is a cunning hunter of the field, Jacob is a quiet, peaceful man who dwelt in a tent, a reference that usually is attributed with the life of a shepherd. The boys are opposites. The tension is raised immediately with Jacob cooking a pot of Red stuff (Lentil soup) and Esau comes into Jacob’s kitchen famished. The scene is set, Esau wants the soup, and Jacob wants the birthright! We opened up this narrative in 3 points, The profane person lives a life of worldly freedom that is pleasing to the natural man; The profane person acts on impulse for the gratification of his natural desires; and thirdly, the profane person has no regard for the things of God. Although this text is well known to the church, we believe there is much for the believer in Christ to learn here. Every character in the text shows their profane nature, some more than others, but the only way out of this sinful predicament, is to be in Christ. May the church be blessed by this study in the book of Genesis.