A Message of Hope

Sep 15, 2014 By: Matthew Delany Series: 1 Peter Scripture: 1 Peter 1:13-17
his week, as we look at verses 13-17, Peter reminds us that we are now obedient children and therefore should walk in obedience. He gives us the highest of all commands by telling us that we should be “holy in all our conduct.” How are we, as children of God, to understand how to keep such a prodigious command while we yet live in these “bodies of death” (Romans 7:24)? The answer is given in verse 13 where we are instructed to “fix our hope fully upon the grace…” This is what makes the “Therefore” of verse 13, and the previous 12 verses, so important for us; we can do nothing in and of ourselves; we must do all things in view of what He has done on our behalf, and in the power of the strength that He provides by the Holy Spirit.