An Encounter With God

Feb 22, 2012 By: Jim Montesano Series: Genesis Scripture: Genesis 32:24-32
Jacob, who has been on the run for 20 years, must now confront his past with his family, and his future with God. Jacob’s preparation to meet Esau is bracketed by two unexpected meetings with the divine. One that took place as soon as he left Laban, and now this epic encounter. At first the text calls the assailment a man. But Hosea 12:4 calls him “The Angel of the Lord” and that Jacob struggled with God that night. Whenever we see this phrase, “The Angel of the Lord” we must realize it’s speaking of a Theophony. Which means God’s appearing in the form of a man, even the burning bush episode in Exodus uses this same phrase, when it says through the burning bush, “The Angel of the Lord” spoke with Moses. I believe this true story in Genesis has no equivalent in all the Old Testament. And, it’s also one of the hardest sections of scripture to get a handle on. I truly wrestled with this text also. But, when one truly sees the jewels that are within this section in chapter 32, and what they have to teach the church and the people of God, it has the potential to change your life forever, as it did to Jacob that dark night on the Jabbok. It was truly a dark night of the soul, as some Puritan divines call it. Please, listen to this life transforming study that God has given us in His holy Bible. It’s my prayer that God would break you of remaining sin in your life as He broke Jacob that dark night with the touch of His hand. Amen.