Covenantal Justice

Nov 04, 2007 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Amos (The Oracles) Scripture: Amos 2:13
The prophet Amos comes to Israel as a prosecutor bearing a covenant-lawsuit from Yahweh. In Amos 2:13-3:2, God is holding the covenant nation to account for their many transgressions. But to whom does this judgment come? And how are we to understand covenantal justice as it applies to the church today? The answer comes when we understand that ‘not all Israel is Israel.’ That is to say, that within the covenant community of Israel there exist two populations – a remnant chosen by grace as well as mere professors. The intended object of God’s judgment are those within the covenant nation who have joined themselves to it by profession, but are in reality are not participants in the covenant of grace by faith. Though the truly elect of God are affected by the judgment, they are not the objects of it. But rather in the same act of covenantal justice, God has a gracious purpose for His elect.