Dedication of the People

Nov 29, 2020 By: Damien Garofalo Series: Return&Remember: Ezra-Nehemiah Scripture: Nehemiah 12
In verse 43 of this chapter, the Bible says, “And the joy of Jerusalem was heard far away.” This is an amazing testimony! The entire chapter is filled with joy and thanksgiving. Every single member of the community from the priests to the singers to the women and children were rejoicing in what God had done for them, in them, and through them. The noise of their celebration can be heard from far away! Does this loud joy characterize the church today? Is our joy noticeable, or hidden under the noise of the world? None of this suggests that there is no time for silent meditation, or lament, or repentance. But joy should characterize God’s people! The world may not understand, but when they look at us, they ought to be able to say, “They’re a joyful bunch!” But sadly, this may not be so among us today. The Israelites had many reasons to rejoice, as do we. In fact, we have more. We have the fullness of God’s revelation in Christ, whereas they only had a shadow. The call to loud, noticeable joy is more relevant today than ever. May God renew our hearts to this calling, that we may be known as joyful people, dedicated to the service of our God.