Let My People Go!

Jun 07, 2015 By: Jim Montesano Series: Exodus Scripture: Exodus 5:1-23
In our text we see a battle of will. Between the sovereign Lord of all and the king of Egypt Pharaoh. It’s the opening salvo of a battle that will come to its end as the Israelites cross the Red Sea, delivered by God’s hand, and the Egyptians are judged in the waters of the same sea. But our text also speaks of the trials the believer as we follow God’s will. There will be trials and persecution in this life. There are 3 replies to God’s will. Pharaoh’s rejection, the Hebrew foremen complaints, and Moses as he asks God 2 question and a declaration. Why have you done evil to this people? Why did you send me? Pharaoh has done evil to this people and You have not delivered them at all!