Reconciliation: Brother’s United

Mar 07, 2012 By: Jim Montesano Series: Genesis Scripture: Genesis 33:1-16
In chapter 33:1-16 the brother’s meet again after 20 long yrs of separation. A day dreaded by Jacob, but now after a night with the Lord, and broken of his fear and trusting in the Lord the sun rises. Jacob looks up to see that Esau’s about to enter the camp. The Day of reckoning has arrived, or as they say D-Day. Jacob humbles himself before his brother Esau. He lays before him prostrate 7 times – An act of humility to say the least. As one man has said wonderfully “The way up, is the way down”. The brothers are reconciled this bright sunny morning on the Jabbok. There are many things to teach us about this chapter that we can glean from this wonderful chapter, or meditate on. The first thought is simply this in the text we witness the brother’s reconciled after many years of enmity between the two men, which points to the ultimate aspect of the doctrine of reconciliation; have you been reconciled with God? Have things been made right between you and the Lord of all? In 2 Cor 5 Paul speaks about this doctrine and the fact that if you are in Christ, you have been reconciled with Him. But it goes further than that, Paul says the Lord has given the believer the ministry of reconciliation! What an awesome gift you’ve been given! You been given the charge to proclaim the glories of Calvary to the World! There’s much more brethren, please, if you can, listen to the sermon in Genesis 33 and delve into this glorious doctrine of reconciliation.