Request 4: The Fullness Of God

Aug 01, 2010 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Ephesians IV Scripture: Ephesians 3:19
I. Review of Context II. What does it mean to be ‘filled with the fullness of God?’ A. Are not all Christians filled with the Spirit? B. What it does not mean C. What it does mean D. Pray for one another to be filled unto the fullness of God III. What does the ‘fullness of God’ look like? A. Like Stephen, one filled with the Spirit (Acts 6:5,8; Eph 5:18) B. God reigns in our heart, mind, will and emotions C. We long for righteousness (Phil 1:11 vs. Rom 1:29) D. We are full of goodness (Rom 15:14) E. We are to know the will of God (Col 1:9) F. Our tongues are filled with God’s Word (Micah 3:8) G. We are full of assurance of faith and hope (Heb 10:22, 6:11) H. We are to be full of joy (1 John 1:4, 1 Pet 1:7-8) IV. Epilogue A. This is written to the church as a whole