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Such a Great Salvation

As we begin chapter 2 of the book of Hebrews, the practical reason for the author’s comprehensive theological argument proving that, “Jesus is superior to the angels,” comes to the surface: he is concerned that his audience might drift away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The glorious message of the Creator God, becoming flesh in order to die for man the creature’s sin, pardoning and reconciling human beings to God, is great indeed! Further the idea that this is a gift of grace and cannot be attained by law-keeping, makes it even more amazing. In our text, the author conveys the magnitude of the Gospel message in two ways: first, he warns his audience that to neglect God’s Word of grace in the New Testament is a worse transgression than to disobey God’s law in the Old Testament. If the penalty for sin against God’s law is just, then to ignore His grace sustains and even greater penalty. If the consequence for sinfulness was not bad enough, compounding it by disregarding this freely offered gift of salvation becomes catastrophic. Secondly then, he magnifies the Gospel message by calling it “such a great salvation,” reminding us that it was spoken by the Lord Himself and confirmed by God the Father and the Holy Spirit.