The Glory of the Lord

Dec 27, 2009 By: Pastor William Poss Series: Christmas Scripture: Luke 2:1-20
In Luke 2:19 we see the awe-stricken, pondering mother. This is a beautiful picture of a humble, trusting heart. Mary had been told that her child was of God, truly of God. Above all others she knew that the Messiah, the very Son of God, had now come. She had been through so much: pregnant, yet unmarried; the possibility of being found out and of rumors heaped upon rumors; the discussions with Joseph and with her parents; the long trip from Nazareth; the exhaustion of giving birth without help in a smelly stable; the visit of some rough looking shepherds with an amazing story of the heavenly host proclaiming the praises of God. Mary was tired, as weary and exhausted as a person could be. So much had happened, and she was at the very center of it all. No one could even begin to know the thoughts that had filled her mind for nine months, nor could anyone know the feelings and emotions of the experience. The wonder, the amazement, the astounding reality was too much to talk about. All she could do was continue in the humble sweetness that had so characterized her over the past months. She merely bowed once again in humble adoration to God and quietly entrusted all these things into God’s keeping. She said nothing, only pondered in her heart what was happening. God has also spoken to us in these last days through this very same Son Jesus Christ. Though exhausted, tired and weary we are to bow in humble submission to all that has been spoken to us from God and entrust all things to Him to the praise of His glory.