The Goal of Ministry II: No Longer Children

Jan 02, 2011 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Ephesians V Scripture: Ephesians 4:14
Children grow in stages. As infants and toddlers they are very unstable on their feet and easily knocked over; they are readily distracted; they lack the experience to know the difference between what is insignificant and what is truly valuable; they are easily taken in by that which looks pretty; and they have no conception of the idea of anything long term. The same is true spiritually. Immature believers are easily thrown and tossed about by the latest doctrinal wind that blows through. We have seen this in our own generation, how charismatic excesses have blown the church from one venue to the next – seeking experiences from falling down to holy laughter to barking; and when that wasn’t enough, they turned after gold dust and gold teeth; and from there, on to spiritual warfare techniques, kicking and cursing pastors, a new apostolic reformation, the third wave, the Prayer of Jabez, mega church, ministry-driven church, purpose-driven life, contemplative prayer methodologies, emergent church, mission-driven church, and onto whatever the next idea on the horizon. Sadly we have seen individuals and even entire churches following after these winds of doctrine, taking them from Toronto to Pensacola to Texas to Kansas City – moving from one deception to the next. If we honestly look at the modern evangelical church, the only consistent object which seems to drive the church is the latest fad; perhaps we would best call today’s church the fad-driven church.