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The Greater Sacrifice

Sep 05, 2021 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Hebrews: Greater Than Scripture: Hebrews 9:23-28
As we continue our study of the author’s discourse on the greater high priesthood of Jesus, we find in verses 23-24 that Jesus’s blood cleanses the heavenly tabernacle. But what is this referring to? Varied interpretations of these verses have been offered to answer some challenging questions. For example, what are the plural “better sacrifices” mentioned in verse 23? If Jesus is the once-for-all sacrifice, what else is included among these “better sacrifices?” An even more challenging question arises from the cleansing of the tabernacle; while we understand why the earthly tent required cleansing, is this text implying that the heavenly tabernacle also needed to be cleansed from defilement? The most important point of verse 24 is that Jesus now appears in the presence of God on our behalf. Mark those words, on our behalf. It is not remarkable to understand how Jesus could ascend into heaven to the right hand of God and be accepted into His immediate presence for his own sake; however, it is quite astounding to think about Him doing so, on our behalf, that is, as our representative. Are we fully aware of the implications of this? Knowing that Jesus died, rose, and was accepted into the presence of God, gives us great confidence. Not once in 2000 years has Jesus’s sacrifice not been enough or required a supplement. Not once in 2000 years has Jesus ever had to leave His throne to rework or retry the case of God’s elect. This means that all believers can know with utmost certainty, even now, that we are accepted into God’s presence and will remain so on Judgment Day.