The Lord’s Own Prayer for His Own

Sep 03, 2006 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: The Prayer of Jesus Scripture: John 17:1
Speaking of John 17, it was said by an extraordinary 17th century preacher: “It is the greatest prayer that was ever offered on earth and it followed the greatest sermon that was ever preached on earth.” Looking through the history of the church, one will find that this prayer has been used by God in exceptional ways to sustain, support, and encourage His own in times of great duress. During the final hours of his life, the great leader of the Reformation in Scotland, John Knox, asked his wife to read John 17 to him; and it was as she read Jesus’ own prayer to him, that he passed on into eternity. Jesus has just taught them that the Father Himself loves them (John 16:27), but He now prays audibly so that the disciples can hear as our Lord’s own prayer for His own seals that doctrine; they may hear and be assured that despite the difficult times ahead of them, that He will continue to be concerned for their welfare even after He leaves. There are great dogmatic doctrines taught in Scripture; however, we often find doctrine most explicitly supported and proven in illustration and practice. In this prayer, we will come face to face with rich doctrinal truth concerning the person and work of Jesus Christ.