The Old Man and the Promise

Dec 24, 2009 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Christmas Scripture: Luke 2:22-32
Forty-one days after his birth, Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to the temple in order to offer a sacrifice according to the law. Their sacrifice indicated that they were a poor family. They did not come to the temple with the fanfare and eminance expected to accompany a king. Their visit might have gone completely unnoticed; however, there was an old man in the temple that day who had been given a promise and the spiritual eyes to see that promise fulfilled. This old man, Simeon is described as just and devout – though he was a man of not much human repute, he was important in the sight of God. He was chosen by God to have His Son revealed to him. Simeon represents the remnant who are given spiritual eyes to see that which the throng, caught up in false religion and hypocrisy, often miss. Simeon is an example to all Christians of patience while temporal promises go unfulfilled. When he finally sees the infant with his eyes, he is content to depart this life fulfilled. There is nothing other than Jesus alone for which he longs for – and only Christ satisfies him. He had no unfulfilled dreams. What is it that you are looking for that you think if you only had, you could die in peace? Are you counting all else dung compared to the excellency of knowing Christ? Like Simeon, we should learn to hold loosely to the temporal things which might bring us joy in life, but we should cling to Jesus Christ.