The Promises of God

Dec 02, 2018 By: Jim Montesano Series: Exodus Scripture: Exodus 23:20-33
This Sunday we’ll look at the promises of the Lord in Exodus 23:20-33 We concluded the book of the Covenant last time we were in Exodus which covered chapters 20:22-23:19. Basically, they are case laws which cover situations Israel would find themselves in dealing with worship of God, but also, how they are to treat their neighbors. In this next section this Sunday the Lord promises His people at least four things. 1st He promises to send His Angel to lead and guard Israel. 2nd He promises blessings if they obey His Word. 3rd The Lord the Mighty Warrior promises to fight for Israel. And 4th He promises to give them the Land. Further, we will ask the question who is this Angel? We’ve seen him in Chapter 3:2 as he appeared to Moses. The angel has a very close association with the Lord and Israel’s redemptive story in Exodus. Israel is called to obey Him. If they do blessings will follow. But also, that the Lord would fight for Israel scattering their enemies! And finally, to bring them into the Land He promised them.