The Voice of the Lord

Dec 08, 2019 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Psalms Scripture: Psalm 29
Having witnessed a powerful storm, David the Psalmist’s chief concern is not merely the power of the thunderstorm, but God’s voice, which is infinitely more powerful. Overwhelmed with the majesty of God revealed in the storm, the Psalmist, David, issues a twofold call to worship God in verses 1-2. First, he calls us to ascribe glory to Him, that is, to acknowledge His supreme worth. Secondly, we are to worship, or literally, bow down in a posture that emulates a subordination of our mind and will to His. People who witness the power of God as illustrated in a storm are naturally to be found within the temple praising God who created, and is sovereign over, the storm. We see the power of God’s voice revealed when creation springs into existence as a result of the voice of God. Similarly, the voice of God activates faith as He regenerates sinners, drawing them to Himself in salvation. In the Psalm’s final two verses, the storm has passed, but God Himself remains. A shaken people upon whom His favor now remains, cannot help but to give Him glory!