The Words of the Prophets

Aug 19, 2007 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Amos (Introduction) Scripture: Luke 24:44-45; Revelation 19:10
Do you find hard to understand what you read in the prophecy of Scripture? For many, “Bible prophecy” is linked to ideas about the end of the age. The words of the prophets are often thought of as a forecast of future events; a kind of, “history in advance.” While there is no question that foretelling the future is a mark of Biblical prophecy, it is by no means the main mark. The words of the prophets are primarily a message about God, His will, His covenant, His redemption, His judgment, and His coming kingdom. Whether about past, present or future events, the words of the prophets have God at their center. Theocentricity is the most important and primary mark of Biblical prophecy. Nowhere is this stated more clearly than by the angel who revealed a glimpse of heaven to John in Revelation 19:10, “… the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” How can you distinguish a true prophet from a false prophet? The prophets most often addressed the state of their nation as they spoke God’s words to God’s covenant people. Their words stripped the people bare, tearing away masks in order to show the true face of what lied behind. They pointed out idolatry, corruption, injustice, religious façades, and they called for radical change. The words of the prophets were supposed to be as a hammer which shatters a rock (Jer 23:29). As a result of this, the words of the prophets were rarely accepted en masse. This is not true of the false prophet whose speech is smooth.