Christian worldview

There are three basic questions that everyone struggles with: Where do we come from? What are we doing here? Where are we going? 

Somehow everyone has a worldview about everything, everything that you are, believe or do leads to somewhere that will include answers for these three questions.

It is true that as Christians we know the word of God has the answers for every question that we may have, there isn’t anything that we need to know that hasn’t been revealed in the Scriptures, it is also known by every believer that he must live for God’s glory, that Christ Jesus died to save us from the condemnation of our sins, He resurrected on the third day and because of His resurrection we have eternal life, so while we, the true Church, the group of the ones that have been justified by His blood, are in one mind and one spirit, as one body, waiting for His return, we must joyfully live, by His grace, thru faith, in His love for the exaltation of His Name.

Bringing those two matters together, living for God’s glory and finding in the Scriptures the answer for all we need to know and do, leads us to the certainty that we know from where we come from, where we are going and definitely how we must live here, that’s what we call the Christian worldview, which is all about to seeing the world through the lenses of Biblical true, based on the Biblical teaching of creation, fall, redemption and glorification.

Creation – We have been created by God for His glory in a higher stage of perfection (Genesis 1)

Fall – We all have sinned against God and deserve eternal condemnation under God’s wrath (Romans 3.23)

Redemption – Christ came to save sinners, He died on a cross and resurrected on the third day (1 Timothy 1.15)

Glorification – One day all the ones that believed in Jesus, that were saved by grace alone, will live with Him forever (1 John 2.25)

Based on this foundation, having these four principles set in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, a Christian will be able to see the world as it really is and react to it according to what God expects from him, showing the world Jesus in his life and the Name of the Lord being glorified in his daily words, actions and reactions.

Ministeria Filadelfia