Abba Father

May 02, 2007 By: Pastor William Poss Series: Romans 8 Scripture: Romans 8:16
One of the greatest marks of assurance is the reality of the Spirit of adoption which has been set forth into our hearts upon regeneration. But while regeneration is the granting of a new nature, adoption is the God’s granting us a new status – one that is not naturally our own. It is by adoption that we become children of God. As children we cry ‘Abba Father,’ which literally means ‘Daddy!’ This, in a word, describes the childlike trust that should characterize our relationship with our Heavenly Father. It seems that among those who are doctrinally sound that there is a trend toward a drifting away from the simplicity of trusting God as our Daddy, but that is how He reveals Himself to His children. Have you had the experience of knowing God as your Daddy? While we realize that much of the modern church has exalted experience above truth, we also must not forget that the reality and truth of the Spirit of adoption which is given to us will flow into the realm of our experience in our cries of ‘Abba Father.’