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Messiah Blesses the Persecuted

Dec 20, 2015 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Messiah in Matthew Scripture: Matthew 5:10-12
Whereas the first four beatitudes strikingly describe the Christian as being powerless, the next three beatitudes just as strikingly have us triumphantly going out into the world as a merciful, pure and peacemaking people. The eighth beatitude brings us back down to the miserable circumstances coinciding with the first four. The eighth and final beatitude is perhaps the most surprising as it rewards this group of humble, meek, merciful, pure, peacemakers with something most unexpected – persecution. Believers who are living as Christians ought to live, are at times going to have to resist this angry and impure world; there are times when we must speak up for righteousness when it is unpopular to do so; and as a result we will find ourselves hated by the world which first hated Jesus.