Tell Us Plainly

May 22, 2005 By: Pastor William Poss Series: The Good Shepherd Scripture: John 10:22-26
Some people think there is no such thing as truth, and that all ideas are subjective and relative. Such a person may therefore call himself a Christian while at the same time believing anything he wishes to believe. This sermon addresses this person as well as all who think that God has not been clear enough in His revelation. The people in the text we are studying are uncomfortable with absolute truth, but rather than saying that they did not want to believe, instead they come up with the excuse that Christ had not taught them plainly. They actually blame God for their unbelief. In Genesis 3:12-13 after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, Eve blamed the serpent. But Adam tried to escape from his guilt by shifting the blame to his wife and ultimately to God because He had given her to him. How about you, when you are faced with a truth that is hard for you to accept or believe, do you make excuses? When challenged, do you refuse to change your life, belief, practice or behavior? It is certainly easier to make excuses than to repent. It is the nature of sin to blame others rather than take responsibility. Are you attempting to avoid responsibility or shift the blame for your sin? Do you perhaps even blame God for your condition? Do you blame others? When Christ speaks plainly, he really speaks plainly. God has told us plainly, everything we need to know; and therefore we are without excuse if we fail to believe His Word. The truth of the matter with the people in our text, is that they did not want to follow Jesus. Do you want to follow Jesus? Does your belief cause you to follow? Or do you make excuses like the people in our text?