The Divine Breakfast

Jul 01, 2007 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: The Gospel of John 21 Scripture: John 21:9-14
In this, the third of Jesus’ post resurrection appearances to the apostles, we find a narrative that is rich in gospel truth. Jesus, who made the food, is the One who is symbolized by the food. He is meat indeed and drink indeed (see John 5:55-56). He is also the one who invites. Christ indeed does it all – and that is one of the most comforting things of the gospel – He’s the giver – the author and finisher. He invites poor sinners, faithless Thomases, denying Peters, Jameses and Johns who call fire from heaven – He says, “Come and dine.” To all of His own, He is a patient Savior. Christ has prepared for you a divine breakfast – a full meal. And instead of receiving hell and condemnation, you are invited to dine at His table forever. No RSVP is offered, rather it is a command, “Come and dine.” For those who have come, and have yet found themselves in many a dark night of fruitless effort with nothing to show but empty nets – remember your divine breakfast with Christ. Jesus broke your fast with a divine meal that He has prepared for you in the Gospel of your salvation. You have drunk from Him who is drink indeed, and have eaten of Him who is meat indeed! And anyone who eats of this bread, he shall live forever!