The Indestructable Word

Jun 05, 2005 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: The Good Shepherd Scripture: John 10:31-39
In the midst of Christ’s reply to the religious leaders who accused Him of blasphemy, lies some striking words whereby Jesus Christ expresses His confidence in the reliability of Scripture. In verse 35, He says, “the Scripture cannot be broken.” Meaning that the Scripture cannot be faulted, it cannot be wrong. This is an affirmation of the Bible’s total inspiration, inerrancy and indestructibility. The doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture has long been the accepted view of the church. It is only within the last two centuries that modern thought and “enlightened” thinking have brought the infallibility of Scripture into question. In the footsteps of the serpent in the garden, modern scholarship has asked the question, “did God really say …?” In the slick fashion of their father the devil, these “evangelicals” claim to hold Scripture in high esteem saying that truth resides in the thoughts of Scripture, not the words. But if the Bible is inspired at all, it must be inspired verbally – or else anything becomes subject to question. The Bible is God’s Word to you. It will save you and it will change you. God’s Word calls us to belief – first to saving faith and then to sustaining faith. When we neglect the Word of God we will find our faith week. It is a simple matter, “Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.” Jesus Christ lived with absolute faith and reckless confidence because He knew the Word of God. Those who have been entrusted to carry and preach the Word are called, ‘gods’ in that we are the ambassadors or representatives of God on earth.