The Logos: Creator

Sep 21, 2003 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: John: The Prologue Scripture: John 1:3
Jesus is the eternal “logos,” the Word – who was present with and as God “in the beginning.” John 1:3 tells us that this logos is the Creator. In His creative work, “the Word” was actively involved in creating the universe as part of the Trinity. We will see how creation itself is a “word” in that God reveals Himself through His creation – this is called “general revelation,” and is in itself enough evidence to leave all men without excuse before God. Take the opportunity to protect your family from the destructive influences of humanistic philosophies by exposing the man-created lie of evolution (Rom 1:23). Preeminently, however, “the Word” is revealed through the incarnation – “the Word became flesh,” which is called “specific revelation,” it is this revelation that saves the soul.