Trusting When Things Don’t Make Sense

Jul 24, 2022 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Hebrews: Greater Than Scripture: Hebrews 11:29-31
Sometimes a we read the Scripture God’s ways seem to not make sense to us. This is true in our lives as well. At one time or another we most likely have had the experience where we understood God’s command but were left scratching our head as to how it could ever work out for good. God has a long history of asking His people to carry out actions that do not cohere with human wisdom. We see this illustrated in three stories in Hebrews 11:29-31. Verse 29 of Hebrews 11 describes the events that take place in the narrative of Exodus 13:17-14:31. When God delivered his people out of Egypt, it appeared to the people that He made a serious tactical error – He literally guided them to a dead end at the Red Sea Verse 30 summarizes the events of Joshua chapter 6. A new generation of Israelites entered the land of Canaan which God had promised to give them. One of the first strongholds they faced was Jericho, an impenetrable city surrounded by great walls. Instead of laying out a brilliant military strategy to lay siege to the city, God gave Joshua the bizarre and unexpected instruction to march around the city for seven days and on the seventh day blow a ram’s horn and shout. … and the walls came a-tumbling down! Prior to Jericho’s destruction, it was the faith of a prostitute, Rahab, that set the stage for the city’s demise as she helped two spies to escape. Read the details of this story in Joshua chapter 2. There are times in life when we do not understand what God is doing until we can look back with 20/20 hindsight; but amid it, all we can do is trust God. Why is it that God at times operates in this fashion? This sermon examines some reasons.