A Worthy Walk

Oct 24, 2010 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Ephesians V Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-2
I. Introduction A. Will the real Jesus please stand up! B. A Review of the Text: Eph 4:1-6 1. Paul 2. Walk worthily: The leading imperative for the last three chapters 3. What does a worthy walk look like – 3 qualities: lowliness, gentleness, long-suffering II. Walk Worthy of the Calling A. worthy B. calling C. walk III. Three character qualities essential for unity A. Lowliness (humility) 1. modesty of mind 2. a derogatory term associated with slaves 3. exemplified in Christ (Phil 2:5-11) 4. opposite of pride (which leads to contention) B. gentleness (meekness) 1. a willingness to surrender rights 2. has a positive connotation thanks to Aristotle 3. gentleness of the strong 4. control over passions While the humble man thinks little of his personal merit, the meek man thinks little of his personal claim. 5. a willingness to gently confront sin 6. one who knows himself to be the ‘chief of sinners.’ C. Long-suffering (patience) 1. particularly displayed to people (just as God’s patience) 2. impatience breeds division IV. Application A. Unity in a church is established by character, not programs B. The final goal of all of this is to display the glory of God!