Bishop Takes Queen (Father’s Day)

Jun 18, 2006 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Father's Day Scripture: 1 Timothy 2:8-14
As we look at the order and structure of the modern Christian church and family, it appears to have taken its model from a chess board more than the Holy Scriptures. Standing by the king is the piece with the utmost authority and power in the kingdom – the sole female chess piece – the queen – providing us with an accurate portrayal of the role of women in many Christian venues. Is a chess board the appropriate model for the church? What is the Biblically proper role of women in the church and wives in the home? What does the Scripture teach about the role of elders of the church and husbands and fathers at home? In the home as well as the church, Biblical headship is the divine call to the man. Men are called as the head of their households. Men are called upon to take the leadership roles in the church in teaching and prayer. The role of the pastor/teacher/elder is a call limited to men in the church. In the absence of setting standards the church has devolved to resemble a chess board more than a New Testament church. It’s time that the “Bishop takes Queen” in our churches and homes for the good of the church and the glory of God.