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Do Not Harden Your Hearts

Oct 04, 2020 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Hebrews: Greater Than Scripture: Hebrews 3:7-19
As you read the Psalm, you can sense the hardening of the hearts of the people and resolve of God against their unbelief, landing them finally in captivity. Ultimately the Psalm resolves with God answering His distressed people and delivering them. In this way, Psalm 106 is a beautiful illustration of how God saves rebels by grace alone. It is a face of life that rebellion remains in the heart of every Christian, and it threatens our soul with infinite loss. As God’s people we must be mortifying rebellion or else we will end up being hardened by its deceitfulness and ultimately destroyed. Like He did with Israel of old, God tests us in the wilderness of this age; He does so to reveal rebellion and hardening of our hearts. How you respond when God reveals your rebellion will determine whether you will finally enter His rest. Much is at stake! Eternity lies in the balance! This does not suggest that our eternal salvation is dependent upon how we handle our remaining rebellion, but that the true sheep of God, who hear His warning cry in this text, will examine themselves and repent and change, rather than further hardening their hearts. What will you do when you are faced with your testing in the wilderness? Will you run away? Or Will you harden your heart further? Or will you repent and believe God’s promises?