Enduring Bread

Sep 12, 2004 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Bread of Life Discourse Scripture: John 6:36-40
A major debate within Christian circles that our text addresses is the question of whether or not a Christian can lose their salvation. It is clear from Scripture that God does not merely command us to begin to believe or believe for a time, but rather requires that we continue to believe until the end (Mt 24:13, Col 1:21-23, I Jn 5-10, 3:3-6, Heb 10:26-31, 12:1). Biblical accounts as well as experience demonstrate that professing Christians can and will fall away and perish; however was their faith ever effectual and saving? We are warned that we must make our calling and election sure, lest we believe in vain (2 Pet 1:10, I Cor 15:2, 2 Cor 13:5). It is vital that we understand that Christ alone is sufficient and provides everything for us to fulfill God’s requirements in salvation and sanctification – from the faith to believe to the will to work for Him. If the gift of faith is sufficient for us to believe, then it remains sufficient for us to persevere in faith, for Christ is at work within us. As none come to Christ on their own will or work, none stay in Christ on their own will or work. As our salvation is all of Him, so our perseverance in faith is all of Him. The child of God will persevere because God preserves him – He keeps us from falling – not one will be lost of all who belong to the Son. Our text (John 6) makes it clear that all of these will have eternal life. Our salvation is so great! We who have been born-again with the witness of the indwelling Holy Spirit can hope that His triumph on the cross is sure and final; that death and hell are disarmed, and heaven awaits!