It’s a Wicked World, After All

Jul 27, 2014 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Under the Sun Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:16
A plane shot out of the air – 298 dead. 219 Nigerian girls still captive after 110 days. All Christians forced to convert or leave Mosul, Iraq. Over 100 Palestinian children killed in a war that supposed to be between adults. 20,00 babies murdered this week before making it out of the womb HOW DO YOU MAKE SENSE OUT OF ALL OF THIS? In this text, Qoheleth unveils the wickedness of the world as he continues his realistic observations of life “under the sun;” he makes two such observations: 1) That wickedness is found in the very place where one would expect to find justice (3:16-22); 2) That those in authority use their power to oppress those who are often left without anyone to comfort them (4:1-3). These sins of injustice, oppression, envy and greed were increasingly infecting the lives of God’s people as they assimilated into the wicked world around them; and Qoheleth is warning about the emptiness of their end. As such, this text is very relevant to our culture today, where we often find wickedness in our governments, worldwide oppression of the weak, cutthroat competition for jobs in the workplace, and an unparalleled, selfish individualistic mindset in our culture, which have all affected the church.