My Savior, Not My Lord

May 20, 2009 By: Pastor William Poss Series: Romans 10 Scripture: Romans 10:9
There is an entire branch of dispensational Christianity who have either redifined evangelical repentance or denied that repentance is a necessary fruit of salvation. This non-Lordship position was introduced through the writings of Louis Sperry Chafer who suggested that the carnal Christian was a saved man acting as a natural man. These ideas were expanded upon and systematized by Charles Ryrie (of the famed Ryrie Study Bible) until within the last 40-50 years a whole new system of Christianity and a third class of people have evolved. Unfortunately this doctrine has invaded much of the church, particularly in Baptist circles where salvation is based upon the free-will of man and human decision. The error rose out of attempts to defend justification by faith alone apart from works. But fails to understand that saving faith is a living faith granted by God. They link “Lordship” with the perfectionism doctrines of John Wesley. They assume mental assent to be saving faith and connect one’s confession with faith. But Jesus defined salvation in terms of discipleship. He came preaching repentance. He called men to follow Him, and ended commissioning the church to make disiples. The church has changed this commission to one of making converts and counting decisions, rather than changed lives as a result of true and living faith that comes by way of regeneration. This sermon teaches and reveals the nature of true saving faith manifested in a repentant and changed life and uncovers the false teaching of the “Carnal Christian.”