To Him Who is Able to Keep You

Dec 30, 2012 By: Jim Montesano Series: Jude Scripture: Jude 1:24-25
The epistle of Jude is a sobering letter written to the elect of God. Immediately following the salutation of the first two verses, Jude launched quickly into the necessary reason for writing: that they must contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints, because certain ones have crept, these were the false teachers (vss. 3-4). He went on to detail this devastating situation in what is the largest section of his short epistle, up through verse sixteen. In the next section, verses 14-23, Jude calls the saints to persevere; He also called them to have mercy on those who doubt, and even snatch some out of the fire. This we believe was a call to the saints to reach those who have fallen under these teachers, and possibly even the false teachers themselves. But Jude doesn’t end his letter on that note; he closes with a wonderful doxology, which is probably the best known section of his letter. Jude closes his letter as he began, with a prayer, as one commentator explains. “Jude is still dwelling on the same thoughts of verses one and two. Jude wrote there that we are ‘Called’, ‘loved’, and ‘kept’, and that we might show ‘mercy’, ‘peace’, and ‘love’. These things point us to our future hope. Now in this closing section – verses 24& 25 – Jude tells the church what that hope is; it is God alone.“ This week we will enjoy the two final verses of Jude together – a glorious doxology which we will consider in three points: 1) He is able to keep you from falling – vs. 24a; 2) He is able to present you faultless – vs. 24b; 3) He is able to be praised by you – vs. 25. Jude ends this letter in a glorious way drawing attention to Him who is able to keep you from falli