Two Sons

May 25, 2011 By: Jim Montesano Series: Genesis Scripture: Genesis 25:19-26
This is a new section in the book of Genesis, the genealogy of Isaac. The section starts off powerfully and ties together with what previously was taking place in our last section on Abraham’s life. Isaac’s wife is barren like Sarah was, but unlike Abraham, Isaac intercedes on her behalf. After 20 years of prayer for the heir to be born the prayer is finally answered. But this is no normal pregnancy, no, there was a battle taking place in her womb. Two nations would be the outcome of this birth, two people, the older would serve the younger. On a deeper level, the Apostle Paul uses this very text to explain the doctrine of election, and it’s here we went for our commentary on this awesome text in Genesis. The study ends with important application from this feared doctrine among many today that have life changing benefits! We encourage you to listen carefully, especially if you disagree with what are known as the doctrines of grace. Recording note, please excuss the background chimes you hear at times, it was a hot night and the doors & windows were opened, because of this the mic picked up a chime blowing in the wind in a yard.