Vindication of the Infirm

Aug 20, 2023 By: Pastor Joseph LoSardo Series: Psalms Scripture: Psalm 41
As we read the Psalms, there are essentially three (3) approaches that we ought to consider in seeking to gain the most from the text. (1) We should read the Psalm in its historical Old Testament context (i.e., the author’s perspective). The Psalms can be an intensely personal book; so, it is important that we understand the original context before we then (2) read it from a personal perspective, as God speaking to us to apply its words. But it doesn’t end there. When reading the Old Testament, it is also important that we do so in light of Jesus’s words in Luke 24:44-47 We can read the written words of the Old Testament keeping an eye out for shadows of Christ, his death, and resurrection. Sometimes this will be obvious, as in the case of Psalm 41:9, which Jesus quotes at the Last Supper as having been fulfilled by Judas. A good study of any psalm will utilize all three of these perspectives.