God, Man and Sin

Aug 03, 2022 By: Ibrahim Haro Topic: Sermon Devotional Scripture: Gen. 4-9

A Survey of Genesis 1-11 Part II

Genesis 4-9

Brothers and sisters, this Sunday we will continue our bird’s eye survey of the first 11 chapters of Genesis. In the first sermon (part I), we saw God’s creative powers and attributes in chapter one as he brought this world into existence out of nothing. In chapter 2 we saw man and women the jewels of God’s creation. They were given privileges and responsibilities and placed in the garden of Eden to work and maintain it. In chapter 3, we saw sin enter their heart. Consequently, they are kicked out of paradise into a cursed earth. Yet before they leave, they are redeemed and clothed by their loving God. Their fellowship with him restored though not the same as in the age of innocence anymore.

In chapters 4-9 we will see the holy spirit tell us about the pre-flood (antediluvian or Prediluvian) period of human history. It is a dark period for the most part when sin and death are spreading like a wild plague. It starts with a brother killing his brother and ends with the flood that wipes humanity off the face of the earth, short of 8 people. Yet, it is also a period where the mercy and grace of God are manifested. His plans unthwarted. God was and remains in control directing history according to his will.

It is my prayer that you will take some time this weekend to read chapters 4-9 in preparation of our worship. We will be addressing these chapters under the following 6 heading:

  1. Sin is inherited
  2. Sind is “sinful beyond measure”
  3. Sin does not take away human ingenuity
  4. Sin is to be punished by a holy God
  5. Sin can be forgiven by a gracious and merciful God
  6. Sin would not thwart the redemptive plan of God

May the lord bless you and use his word for our edification and his glory

Ibrahim Haro